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About Us

The story of my colours

I was born and raised in the land of colours, happiness, and rhythm. Elements of joy surrounded me for a lifetime which helped me building an optimist and enthusiast character.

When moving to Canada, I discovered a different world that I now proudly call my new home, and with this big change in my life’s journey I also saw an opportunity to contribute to this beautiful land with a little bit of the colours that were chained to my soul since I was child.

Going forward, I saw that this contribution could be brought to one of the most special moments of our day: the time to take care of our body and soul. The realization of this is what got me to bring beBrazil to life!

A new activewear brand that inspires people of this century with an active lifestyle to feel empowered and motivated. beBrazil athletic wear brings to your body and spirit connection through the dynamic colours that will energize, bring joy as well as boosting your workout by providing the best quality fabrics known in manufacturing, without missing fashionable style that all women deserve. Let us be present in these precious moments of self-care and help them become extra special.

We stand up for colours that fit your happiness, because whichever is your goal we encourage you to achieve it with your heart and in the most comfortable and joyful way.

#ColoursThatFitYourHappiness - BRA <3 CAN

Com amor,

Regiane Ragauskas